Early Career Abstracts

Early Career Seminars are held the first monday of every month.

Frances Stapels

Radiation Belt Dynamics from a Particle Perspective

Outer radiation belt electron flux is controlled by a variety of physical processes which act independently or in unison to drive acceleration and loss of electrons from the radiation belt. By considering the kinematical state of radiation belt electrons, tell-tale signatures of acceleration and loss processes can be identified. This seminar will discuss how observations of electron phase space density (PSD) in an adiabatic coordinate system can be used to decipher radiation belt dynamics and new developments of obtaining high resolution PSD observations will be presented.

Qusai Al Shidi

Simulated Predictions From Solar Wind to Ground Magnetometers

We use the Space Weather Modeling Framework (SWMF) Geospace configuration to simulate hundreds of storms from the period 2010-2019. With the focus on the storm main phase, each storm period was run for 54 hours starting from 6 hours prior to the start of the Dst depression. The simulation output of ground magnetic variations were compared with ground magnetometer station data provided by SuperMAG to statistically assess the Geospace model regional prediction performance.