MOSS Tutorials

Tutorials are held once every month in collaboration with the Center For Helioanalytics. You can view the tutorial material at the GitHub Repository.

Initially the tutorials will provide an introductions to Python and will expand to Heliophysics and Spacephysics packages within Python and other languages.

We will be using Jupyter Notebooks and Google Colab as much as possible. Using Google Colab means that accessing the tutorials doesn’t require you to install Python; however, having Python will prove useful if you plan to transition to it for you analysis and work.


The web is full of Python resources (which can be intimidating if you’re just starting out). Below we have compiled a set of useful links to getting started with Python.


Anaconda is an open-source distribution for python. It is widely used as a fascilitator for science as it provides access to Python, Python Packages, and several Python IDEs (Jupyter, VS Code, Spyder) via the Anaconda Navigator and Anaconda Prompt.

Tutorials, Books, and Articles