Past Speakers

Schedule by year: 2022, 2021, 2020.


Date Speaker Seminar Institution
Jan 10 Jeffrey Love Mapping a magnetic superstorm: March 1989 geoelectric hazards and impacts on the United States power grid USGS
Jan 24 Denny Oliveira Satellite orbital drag in low-Earth orbit GSFC
Jan 31 Megan Gilles Optical Field Line Resonances U Calgary
Feb 8 Leon Olifer Space Radiation - How bad can it get? U Alberta
Feb 8 Riley Troyer Substorm Activity as a Driver of Energetic Pulsating Aurora U Iowa
Feb 14 Mei-Ching Fok An Overview of Inner Magnetosphere Modeling and New Developments in CIMI GSFC
Feb 28 Barbara Thompson How to get started with Python GSFC
Mar 7 Ling Ying Khoo On the challenges of measuring energetic particles in the inner belt LASP
Mar 7 Nithin Sivadas Uncertainty in the solar wind propagation may explain polar cap potential saturation CUA
Mar 14 Colin Forsyth Physical Processes of Meso-scale dynamic auroral forms MSSL
Mar 21 Maria Walach Ionospheric Convection and Auroral Responses to Solar Wind Driving Lancaster
Mar 28 Barbara Thompson and Kyle Murphy Basic Data Principles in Python GSFC/Self/Lakehead
Apr 4 Ramiz Qudsi Refining predictions of reconnection X-lines at Earth’s Magnetopause BU
Apr 4 Man Hua Radiation Belt Electron Acceleration Driven by Very-Low-Frequency Transmitter Waves in Near-Earth Space UCLA
Apr 11 Kyle Murphy Control Flow in Python Self/Lakehead
Apr 25 Andrei Runov Magnetotail Transients Revisited UCLA
May 2 Connor O'Brien Neural Network Models of the Near-Earth Solar Wind and Magnetosheath BU
May 2 Xi Lu Statistical Study of Foreshock Density Holes Alaska
May 9 John Coxon The distribution of Birkeland currents in time and space Northumbria
May 16 Eric Winter Numpy APL
May 23 Subash Adhikari A fundamental connection between reconnection and turbulence Delaware
Jun 6 Harsha Gurram Shear Alfvén Waves Driven by Magnetic Reconnection as an Energy Source for the Aurora Borealis Wisconsin-Madison
Jun 6 Jinbei Huang Modeling the Effects of Drift Orbit Bifurcation on Radiation Belt Electrons West Virginia
Jun 13 Julia Stawarz Magnetic Reconnection and Magnetosheath Turbulence: Advances MMS mission Imperial
Jun 27 Imogen Gingell Magnetic Reconnection at Collisionless Shockwaves Southampton
Jul 11 Hu Sun Reconstructing Ionospheric TEC: The VISTA Algorithm and VISTA Dataset Michigan
Jul 11 Luisa Capannolo Distinguishing the Drivers and Understanding the Properties of Relativistic Electron Precipitation in the Nightside BU
Jul 18 Allison Jaynes The Dynamic Loss of Earth's Radiation Belts Iowa
Jul 25 Miriam Sinnhuber Energetic electron precipitation into the atmosphere KIT
Aug 8 Louis Ozeke Electron Pitch Angle Distributions Observed During the Van Allen Probe Mission U Alberta
Aug 22 Josh Pettit Modeling the impacts of energetic particle precipitation GSFC
Aug 29 Bob Marshall Energetic electron precipitation from the magnetosphere into the atmosphere UC Boulder


Date Speaker Seminar Institution
Jan 11 John Lyon MHD Simulations at the Meso-scale Dartmouth
Jan 25 Rick Chappell The Role of the Earth’s Ionosphere in Populating the Magnetosphere and Driving Its Dynamics Vanderbilt University
Feb 1 Shasha Zou Multi-scale ionosphere response during geomagnetic storms: Observations modeling and machine learning U Michigan
Feb 8 Alex Glocer Modeling Ionospheric Outflow and its Consequences GSFC
Feb 22 Fran Bagenal Planetary Magnetospheres U Colorado
Mar 1 Roman Gomez Top Hat Plasma Instruments SWRI
Mar 8 Ashley Greeley Solid State Plasma Instruments CUA
Mar 15 Justin Kasper Faraday Cup Plasma Instruments U Michigan
Mar 22 Gina DiBraccio Fluxgate Magnetometers GSFC
Mar 29 George Hospodarsky Search Coil Magnetometers U Iowa
Apr 19 Harald Frey Optical Instruments UCB
Apr 26 Per-Arne Lindqvist Electric Field Instruments KTH
May 3 Emma Bland The Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) The University Centre in Svalbard
May 10 Brian Walsh Soft X-Rays in The Magnetosphere BU
May 17 Jacob Bortnik Machine Learning in Magnetospheric Physics UCLA
May 24 Chris Balch NOAA's Regional Geoelectric Field Modeling Project - Mitigating Space Weather Impacts on the Power Grid NOAA
June 7 Yihua Zheng Space weather capabilities/resources at CCMC GSFC
June 14 David Jackson Space weather at the Met Office Met Office
June 21 Steve Morley Metrics Validation and Uncertainty LANL
June 28 Dan Welling End to End Modeling for Space Weather Applications UTA
July 12 Jordan Guerra Aguilera Ensemble Forecasting in Space Weather Villinova
July 19 Janet Green The space radiation environment and its impacts on satellites Space Hazards Applications
Aug 16 Thomas Elsden ULF Waves U. Leicester
Aug 23 Hayley Allison VLF Waves GFZ
Aug 30 Maria Usanova EMIC Waves LASP
Sept 13 Lauren Blum Energetic Particle Precipitation U. Colorado
Sept 20 Jean-Francois Ripoll Earth’s Radiation Belt Dynamics: Observations and Simulations CEA
Sept 2 Steve Milan Solar Wind Magnetosphere Coupling U. Leicester
Oct 4 Jasper Halekas Plasma Physics at the Moon U. Iowa
Oct 18 Jeffrey Love The May 1921 magnetic superstorm USGS
Oct 25 Mathew Owens Extreme Space Weather and the Solar Cycle U. Reading
Nov 1 AI/Machine Learning Panel
Nov 8 Ying Zou Unsteady Magnetopause Reconnection Under Quasi-Steady Solar Wind Driving UAH
Nov 15 Fredrick Wilder The Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability at Earth: Reconnection Turbulence and Ion Acoustic Waves UTA
Nov 22 Minna Palmroth Vlasiator: Global ion-kinetic modelling of the near-Earth space in 6D U. Helsinki
Nov 29 Surja Sharma Data-driven Modeling of the magnetosphere: The Complex Systems Perspective UMD


Date Speaker Seminar Institution
April 27 Joe Borovsky The Magnetosphere as a System Space Science
May 4 Lynn Wilson Solar Wind GSFC
May 11 Heli Hietala The Bowshock and Foreshock Imperial College London
May 18 Ferdinand Plaschke The Magnetosheath SRI
June 1 Ying Zou The Magnetopause U. A. Huntsville
June 8 Stephen Fuselier Oxygen at the Dayside Magnetopause and Outer Magnetosphere SwRI
June 15 Benoit Lavraud The Earth's Magnetospheric Cusps IRAP
June 15 Elsayed Talaat Space Weather Follow On NOAA
June 22 Takuma Nakamura The Low Latitude Boundary Layer SRI
June 29 Ramon Lopez Magnetospheric Currents UT at Arlington
July 6 Eric Grimes pySPEDAS and SPEDAS UCLA
July 13 Hermann Luehr Magnetospheric field-aligned currents: Their signatures in the ionosphere GFZ
July 20 Bill Peterson Ionospheric Outflow: Observational Constraints on Global Models LASP
July 27 Weichao Tu Precipitation of Energetic Particles from the Inner Magnetosphere WVU
Aug 3 Clare Watt Auroral Acceleration Mechanisms and how they relate to the Magnetospheric Substorm Northumbria University
Aug 10 Eric Donovan Proton Aurora UofC
Aug 17 Liz McDonald STEVE - a subauroral phenomena GSFC
Aug 24 Christine Gabrielse Convection and Substorms Aerospace
Aug 31 Joachim Birn The dynamic magnetotail: Substorms Space Science Institute
Sept 14 Drew Turner The Radiation Belts APL
Sept 21 Vania Jordanova The Ring Current LANL
Oct 5 Angeline Burrell Python in Space Physics NRL
Oct 19 Jim Drake Magnetic reconnection and the structure of the magnetopause UMD
Oct 26 Jimmy Raeder Global MHD UNH
Nov 2 Yu Lin Global Hybrid Modeling Auburn University
Nov 9 Adam Kellerman Data Assimilation UCLA
Nov 16 Sarah Vines Multi-point Observations APL
Nov 23 Jim LaBelle Auroral Electromagnetic Waves & Radiation Dartmouth
Nov 30 Ian Mann Diagnosing Geospace Dynamics with Magnetometer Arrays UofA